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Chia Cheng Wee chiachengwee at
Mon Nov 3 07:34:39 EST 2008

Dear all,

I have been using GnuCash to handle my client trust accounts for my
small practice of law in Malaysia. GnuCash Rocks! Thanks!

I especially like the way GC can find the the account name in the
transfer register column on the fly. So to take advantage of this
feature I have set up my account tree like this:-

- Client Trust Liability - 0001 John Doe
                                 - 0002 Jane Doe
                                 - 0003 ...
                                 - 1053 John Smith
                                 - 1054 ...

By this way I can quickly reach John Smith's account by entering C:1053
and GnuCash will auto complete the rest. Nifty!.

My question is, is there ia way that I can search the name of all
accounts that has John in it? eg I would like to make a search by using
the keyword "john" and to list down 0001 John Doe and 1053 John Smith as
its result.




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