Getting currency price IDR on Win XPSP2 GnuCash 2.2.7

Nate Jones nate_jones at
Sun Nov 2 06:08:44 EST 2008

Hi gnucash team,

I work in three currencies: Baht, Rupiah and Dollar. I have configured 
gnucash with finance-quote 1.15 and I can successfully get stock quotes 
and baht-dollar exchange rates. The first time I configured 
finance-quote (using 1.14) I was able to get IDR-USD exchange rates. But 
since then I get an error "unable to retrieve quotes" for the IDR rate. 
I had this error with 1.14 and now also with 1.15.

The last time I was able to retrieve an IDR quote was 10/26/08. BHT 
quotes and a variety of stocks are all working fine. I ran the install 
online price retrieval option again and the results are attached. It 
looks like Finance-Quote itself works fine.

Why can't I retrieve IDR rates? Do I need to change settings in gnucash? 
The currency retrieval dialog is very simple and I configured both BHT 
and IDR exactly the same way, so I don't think there's a configuration 

Any ideas?


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