Sound Effects

Doug Laidlaw laidlaws at
Tue Nov 4 04:58:15 EST 2008

There was an inquiry a while back about implementing Quicken's cash register 
sound effect when entering transactions.  The answer was that there were no 
hooks for sound effects.

I have just upgraded to Mandriva 2009 with KDE3.5 as my desktop, but the 
default is KDE 4.  Gnucash is Version 2.2.6.  Suddenly I have all the sound 
effects one's heart could desire.  There is a sound when I exit the day's 
Schedfuled Transactions.  There was a different sound when I closed 
the "Help: About" box after getting the version.  Every mouse click causes at 
least a click file to play in the speakers.  It is driving me nuts, and I am 
about to disable the sounds in KDE, but it may be what that user needs.


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