Bar charts for any account (monthly and annual)

Parker Jones zoubidoo at
Mon Nov 10 18:32:07 EST 2008

> > I'd like to create bar charts to show:
> > * monthly totals for any account over the last 12 months
> >    (eg to see how heating expenses vary over the year)
> > * annual totals for any account over the last 5 years
> >    (e.g to see how heating expenses have changed over the years)
> >
> > Seems quite basic, but it has eluded me!
> The existing A/L and I/E BarCharts will do this.  You just need
> to select the appropriate account and date range.

Thanks for your reply Derek, I have now managed to get the plots I wanted.  It's easy once you've done it once.

Before posting I had already tried  Reports > Assets & Liabilities > Asset Barchart but just got a chart of all accounts and thought: not what I'm looking for.  If it had come up with the menu of options before plotting it would have been obvious. But then maybe it's just me.


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