GnuCash command line and mobile/pda client

Oliver Kiddle okiddle at
Wed Nov 12 03:53:10 EST 2008

Catching up on entering transactions once I get a bit behind can be a
real pain so I was trying to think of ways to speed this up.

I'd like to be able to enter transactions direct from the command-line.
I see that the FAQ mentions this. The --evaluate option doesn't seem to
exist anymore or at least it isn't working for me. However, I can see
that the suggestion of creating a file to import may make more sense.
Does anyone already have any scripts to do this? Also, in order to make
this a fast process, I would want to setup zsh to complete the account
names for such a script. Is there any way to get a list of accounts
quickly from the command-line. Also, can Gnucash be made to import
transactions from a file automatically when started?

What is the status of cashutil? It looks like it's been abandoned,
doesn't appear to be packaged for Debian and in any case, it seems quite
a low-level interface.

Does anyone have any solution for entering transactions via a mobile
device for later import. I've got a Nokia 770 tablet and mobile phone
that can run Java midlets so either would do. This could make it much
easier to track expenses when I'm on holiday.

I also think the Gnucash GUI interface could make entering transactions
a quicker process. Currently, at least one of the from/to accounts must
be selected from within the "Transfer Funds" dialog. All too often, I
have to resize the dialog and click on the "Show Income/Expense"
checkbox. It'd be easier if you could select multiple accounts in the
main window either by having a split view with accounts left and right
or by ctrl-clicking several accounts.



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