Paypal transactions

Marcus Wolschon marcus.wolschon at
Tue Nov 18 09:11:22 EST 2008

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I have an account

Every transaction between bank-account/credit-card and the paypal-account
goes to the in_transit -account . (Usually these are transactions that are
automatically imported from my bank or by parsing the credit-card -statement.)

Then I automatically import all transactions from paypal
and that creates the corresponding transactions between paypal
and paypal:in_transit.

Payments received into my paypal-account or made with my
paypal-account are combined are done directly into the
corresponding expenses- and income-accounts.
(If they happened in different currencies the currency-conversion
 is combined into a single transaction with comments telling the
 original value, conversion-factor and applying paypal-fees.)

* Because both transactions occur on different days.

* using jGnucashLib with the plugins
* PaypalImporter - to synchronize the existing transactions in the
paypal-account with the Paypal-API
* HBCIImporter - to synchronize with my bank-account
* an unfinished importer-plugin - to parse my credit-card -statements.

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