Checks print with black bar in place of Payee name

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Thu Nov 20 16:08:52 EST 2008

>No, GnuCash check printing does not support blank stock.  It
>expects that you've got pre-printed check stock and all it
>needs to fill in are the things you would write by hand.
>That hasn't changed, and nobody is working on that.
Going to jump in here.

You are asking too much -- but also not visualizing the possibilities.

Using GnuCash you want to have the pre-printed right "form" loaded into 
the printer. This does not have to be purchased pre-printed check stock. 
It can be suitable  stock for checks on which you have earlier printed 
whatever fixed "background" material you want by whatever application 
you have that will be able to print what you want. I put it that way 
because your background might be more than textual lines such as company 
name and address. Might have logo or pictures or other design type 
material and so "art" applications might be involved.

So you have to do two passes of the paper (once to print the 
"background", then later reloaded as needed to print checks) but you 
have essentially no limitations as to what the constant background might 
be. Any "built in" capability would be very limited and that is probably 
why "nobody is working on it".

When you were describing "QB" as being able to print on blank paper 
stock did you mean things like .....   In addition to your name and 
address and the bank's name and routing info you could have the 
specified security background or picture and your personal "logo"  in 
the upper left corner and ........ Because if not, then I would judge 
that "QB" can't print checks on blank paper either. A full blown "check 
design" capability would be a major application all by itself.



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