Trial balance...

zed zed at
Fri Nov 21 02:04:49 EST 2008

Greetings from New Zealand

I started using GnuCash on 1 April 2007 and am currently using v2.2.4 on
LinuxMINT v5.0 and am having problems generating a Trial Balance for the
period 01 Apr 2007 to 31 Mar 2008.

Looking at Preferences - Accounting period, I see that for Start and End
Date I have a choice of Relative or Absolute.  I set the dates for
2007-04-01 (Start) and 2008-03-31 (End) but for some reason the program will
only display all transactions from 01 Apr 2007 until today's date.

I then consulted the Manual which tells me that to customize a report (which
is not what I really want to do as the default would be suitable) I should
click on the Options button on the toolbar.  BUT I haven't got an Options

As I need to get a Trial Balance to my Accountant - I've "dragged the chain"
for months now - things are becoming critical.

So, any advice would be very gratefully received.



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