Getting GnuCash to work with banks that demand ClientUID in their OFX transaction

Bruce Perens bruce at
Mon Nov 24 20:34:58 EST 2008

Martin added the changes necessary for GnuCash to send CLIENTUID, so 
I'll put down what I had to do to make it work.

Symptom: bank OFX log contains an error message that the bank 
application doesn't support the user agent information that GNUCash 
sends, whatever it sends. The bank says something silly like "This 
application does not support Quicken for Windows 2007", which we know 
well it does.

This isn't in a released version of GnuCash yet. Download the latest 
pre-release of AQBanking, and get GnuCash and Gwhenhywfar from SVN. Make 
sure to remove any old versions of these packages from your system. 
Build the software.

Set up the account. In the OFX configuration page, under "Expert 
Settings", set the Header Version to 103. This stopped my bank from 
complaining about not supporting the client program. Fill in the 
CLIENTUID with a long random number in lower-case hexadecimal, just the 
digits, no leading "0x" or "#".

My number was generated by Quicken, and was 32 characters long, that's a 
64-bit number. I think you can put any number there THE FIRST TIME. 
After that, you must send the same number each time. If you've already 
used another program with this account, generate a transaction log using 
that program and look for CLIENTUID in the log. The instructions on how 
to do that with Quicken are at
Otherwise, you will have to tell your bank to clear your OFX CLIENTUID 
because you're using a different program than before (they may stop 
helping you if you say "GnuCash", because they don't support it).

Once you've set up the OFX information, go through the same set-up 
procedure as with OFX transactions that did not use CLIENTUID.

Good Luck!


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