Moving away from GnuCash

Elizabeth Dodd edodd at
Wed Nov 26 15:00:45 EST 2008

On Tue, 25 Nov 2008, musicman wrote:
> Hola,
> We've been using GnuCash for two years, and I've really enjoyed
> learning how it works. We think it's great software and would like to
> keep using it.
> Unfortunately, it doesn't really fit with our business needs here in
> Australia, and so we are moving to propriety software that does.
> I thought I would send this list the text document that our book
> keeper presented to us regards Pros and Cons of GC and the software we
> will probably settle on, to give you an idea of why, and maybe help
> inform direction.
> If I was a better coder with more time on my hands I would help out,
> but it's not the case.
> I will continue to champion GC to my friends that are looking for free
> accounting software and I wish you all the best :)
> thanks for the good times!
> cheers
> L.

I had a quick read of the document, and am in Aus.
I have a non-user familiarity with MYOB. My husband uses it and the manager 
uses it for some things at work.
The only valid thing is that MYOB has payroll and Gnucash doesn't.
Sorting out GST, grants etc is simply a case of understanding the accounting 
and making the columns.

MYOB is an accountant's w*t-dr**m. It is extremely user unfriendly. Everything 
has to have a numerical category in the accounts list and 
that's_where_it_stays forever.
When your accountant decides that liquid nitrogen is a "gas" and puts it under 
utilities, that's where it gets to stay, with the electricity and gas and 
water bills. You can never get caught like that with Gnucash. Make a 
liability into an asset by mistake? Just change it back.

Enjoy your time with the proprietary software, and when you find an error in 
the payroll module, as our manager did, you report it. No one acknowledges 
that there even might be a problem. No one says "thanks for pointing that 
out". No one says "it's fixed now, if you get the very latest version called 
svn". You just hope that when you pay over your money again for another 
version upgrade it will be fixed.

That is the real benefit of free software - the ability to approach the 
developers, talk about problems and the whys and wherefores of fixing that 
and not breaking something else.
Thanks Derek and Co for this list.

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