Checks print with black bar in place of Payee name

qajaq wabm at
Wed Nov 26 12:32:06 EST 2008

I don't understand the distinction you're making here...

Derek Atkins wrote:
> The Payee is a text entry controlled completely by the user, vs. the other
> data (Date, Amount, etc) which are "controlled" data types and the text
> representation is completely controlled by GnuCash, not by you.
To write a check, I first enter the transaction in the ledger, as follows: I
double-click the ledger account for my bank checking account and click on
the 'Transfer' icon to enter a transaction. In the resulting 'Transfer
Funds' window, I enter the amount of the transaction (say, $19.67), the date
(say, 11/26/2008), the number (say, 1234), and the Description (say, Acme
Vendor -- the name I want entered in the Payee section of the check). Then I
click 'OK' and save the database.

Then I make sure that entry in the ledger is highlighted, and click on the
menu sequence 'File > Print check', make sure the format options are set the
way I want them, and click the 'Print' button.

As I understand the manual, the ledger entries should determine what will be
printed on the check. I don't understand what you mean when you say that the
data in the Payee field is somehow different from the data in the date and
amount fields. They are all typed in at the same time, when I make the
ledger entry.

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