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Robert Kesterson robertk at robertk.com
Wed Nov 26 12:57:00 EST 2008

On Wed, 26 Nov 2008 10:46:04 -0600, JimR <kd1yv at arrl.net> wrote:
>    ... Think of my requirements as a simplistic
>    checkbook register, much the same as what gnucash already provides.
>    However, it would not be history, it would always be looking from
>    "today" into the future.  It would also allow for simple deletion of
>    items already past.  I would also be able to simply enter the "actual
>    opening balance" each week.
>    For example, this week I might have
>    date     item                           dr         cr             bal
>    11/26   opening balance                                         99.50
>    11/27   groceries                      50.00                    49.50
>    11/28   pay                                       1000.00     1049.50
>    11/28   to savings                    275.00                   774.50
>    12/02   mortgage                      750.00                    24.50
>    12/15   gift                           19.00                     5.50
>    Next week, I would come in and correct the balance to actual, remove
>    items already past, and readjust for the future
>    date     item                           dr         cr             bal
>    12/05  opening balance                                          19.95
>    12/05  casino winnings                            2500.00     2519.95
>    12/05  to savings                      1500.00                1019.95
>    12/15  gift                            1000.00                  19.95
>    Does that explain it more clearly?

It sounds like you're doing "envelope budgeting".  It would take a little  
setup, and wouldn't be exactly like you envision, but you could do it.  If  
I were doing it, I'd want several cash accounts, one for each category.   
On payday, I'd enter several transactions to move funds to those cash  
accounts.  Then I'd enter transactions against those accounts to pay for  
the things I bought through the week (either individually or as a single  
total), which would automatically update the balances.

As for projecting expenses into the future, you can already enter  
transactions with a future date, and you can change the amounts of those  
transactions later to match actual expenses.  There's no need to delete  
past transactions (you could if you wanted to, but you'd need to enter  
adjusting transactions, since those amounts would need to be accounted for  
in the balances).

   Robert Kesterson
   robertk at robertk.com

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