not backup but using gnucash in two different distros

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Fri Nov 28 15:55:46 EST 2008

In several of the forums for the different distros it was stated that there could be problems with different distros sharing the same home partition. I have different /home directories set up in the same partition. Being fairly new to Linux I haven't gotten a good understanding of links so therefore I don't use them. I do remember in Windows Excel that links could create problems that you might not want. Probably not the same thing but I tend to use what I know and am comfortable with my understanding of it.

Thanks for the information and advice. Another post had suggested that I save my Gnucash file to a USB flash drive and use that no matter what disto I happen to be using. That is what I plan to do. 

Thanks again,

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On Thu, November 27, 2008 18:02, Harold wrote:

> Here is what I would like to do.
> Work in Mepis and Gnucash 2.2.6. then later if I am in Mint (with
> Gnucash 2.2.4) and want to work in Gnucash, what do I need to do
> to make sure that the Gnucash in Mint is the exact same as what
> I left in Mepis.

I would use the same home directory for all distros unless there's some
really good reason not to do so.

If I couldn't or wouldn't do that, I'd create a partition that all
can share and a create a symbolic link to it in each home directory.

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