application not responding

Ariel asgnucash at
Tue Sep 2 04:20:46 EDT 2008

On Tue, 2 Sep 2008, Ariel wrote:

> Which makes me think it's related to the feature to auto-save - except I
> don't see the dialog box anywhere, and I searched for it.

Aha! Figured it out.

I left it alone for 5 minutes with an unsaved change, and the dialog box 
showed up.

But, if I left it alone when it didn't have focus, it stopped responding 
to input, and the dialog never showed up.

I hope you can fix this bug for 2.2.7, in the meantime I told it not to 
ask me about auto-save.

I could not find any place to change the pref of auto-save, so I don't 
know how to re-enable this later if I want.


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