application not responding

Ariel asgnucash at
Tue Sep 2 03:51:58 EDT 2008

On Fri, 11 Apr 2008, Derek Atkins wrote:

[snip application not responding]

> I thought this was fixed in 2.2.4 but....   Check to see if there's
> a modal dialog hiding behind the splash screen or main window?

This is happening to me too. I'm running 2.2.6-2 from debian.

It works just fine, until suddenly it just ignores me.

It's not crashed - I attached strace to it and it shows tons of system 
calls when I move the mouse or click, and the cursor changes over a text 

It's not a dialog, I checked - and it actually happened in the middle of 
editing an invoice, so I didn't do any action that would trigger a dialog.

It's happened a bunch of times, and I _think_ it has something to do with 
the amount of time it runs without saving, since so far it never happened 
when I didn't have unsaved changes. (Of course that makes it super 
annoying, I've had to reenter data so many times.)

Which makes me think it's related to the feature to auto-save - except I 
don't see the dialog box anywhere, and I searched for it.

But it's also somehow related to losing focus, since it never happens in 
the middle of working, only when I move away from it and come back.

It happened in 2.2.4 as well, so I upgraded, but that didn't help. I never 
ran 2.2.2 so I don't know if it happened there.

I'm going to disable the auto-save question and see if it keeps happening.

Is the auto-save sensitive to focusing away from the app? Because if it 
is, then I think that's culprit. Maybe make it non-modal, but always on 


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