Windows 2.2.6 Currency Updates

Housemartins sjmart1uk at
Tue Sep 2 13:31:47 EDT 2008

Fred Bone wrote:
> On 31 August 2008 at 12:59, Housemartins said:
> Is this on Windows, as you indicated originally? It bears no resemblance 
> whatsoever to what I get when I run the "install online price retrieval". 
> There is no need to "accept defaults" as no prompts are issued; the whole 
> thing just runs itself. Here is the start of the output:
Yup - windows.  Ok, sorted......

Crypt::SSLeay wouldn't install.
Initially because there was no SSL Library (standard on Linux ???).
Then, even with OpenSSL installed (a couple of attempts to ensure I used a
"developer" distro), CPAN didn't build it properly because it missed off the
include directory.  I couldn't see what/where was specifying such things but
did find some manual instructions to get Crypt::SSLeay to install such that
gnc-fq-update was happy that it was present and didn't try to install it.  A
bit of faffing.
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