More Questions on New Quicken Import

Stuart McGraw smcg4191 at
Sun Sep 7 11:12:26 EDT 2008

Tom Browder wrote:
> A couple of questions, please:
> 1.  Is there anyway to set up a fixed-payment loan so recurring
> payments properly allocate a split to principle and interest?
> 2.  Is there anyway to globally change a reference to one account to another?
> For example, in my conversion all my categories became accounts.  I
> would like to better organize my chart of accounts so that, say
> account 'xyz' becomes account 'expenses:household:xyz' (The 'xyz' came
> from sloppy data entry in the Quicken register in my most-often-used
> account:  my bank checking account.).

Can't help with the first question and as a user of Gnucash 
for less than a week I am probably not qualified to answer 
the second but here goes anyway (having just done a lot of 
this after importing 10+ years of data from MSMoney)... :-)

You can create (if necessary) the expenses:household 
account(s) and then edit the xyz account, and change its 
parent to expenses:household.  Since internally, Gnucash 
references the xyz account by guid, transactions referring 
to xyz will refer to expenses:household:xyz after the change.
You can also change the name to something other than xyz if 
you want :-)

If expenses:household:xyz already exists and contains transactions
(i.e. you want to merge two accounts) then I think one must move 
each transaction from xyz to expenses:household:xyz, one at a
time.  Alternatively you could edit the files from quicken prior 
to import.  One of my few complaints about Gnucash so far is the 
difficultly of doing "bulk" changes to data.  I am eagerly awaiting 
a rdbms backend for gnucash!

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