More Questions on New Quicken Import

Robert Stocks robert.stocks at
Sun Sep 7 12:06:29 EDT 2008

2008/9/7 Stuart McGraw <smcg4191 at>:
> Tom Browder wrote:
>> A couple of questions, please:
>> 1.  Is there anyway to set up a fixed-payment loan so recurring
>> payments properly allocate a split to principle and interest?
>> 2.  Is there anyway to globally change a reference to one account to another?
>> For example, in my conversion all my categories became accounts.  I
>> would like to better organize my chart of accounts so that, say
>> account 'xyz' becomes account 'expenses:household:xyz' (The 'xyz' came
>> from sloppy data entry in the Quicken register in my most-often-used
>> account:  my bank checking account.).
> Can't help with the first question and as a user of Gnucash
> for less than a week I am probably not qualified to answer
> the second but here goes anyway (having just done a lot of
> this after importing 10+ years of data from MSMoney)... :-)
> You can create (if necessary) the expenses:household
> account(s) and then edit the xyz account, and change its
> parent to expenses:household.  Since internally, Gnucash
> references the xyz account by guid, transactions referring
> to xyz will refer to expenses:household:xyz after the change.
> You can also change the name to something other than xyz if
> you want :-)
> If expenses:household:xyz already exists and contains transactions
> (i.e. you want to merge two accounts) then I think one must move
> each transaction from xyz to expenses:household:xyz, one at a
> time.  Alternatively you could edit the files from quicken prior
> to import.  One of my few complaints about Gnucash so far is the
> difficultly of doing "bulk" changes to data.  I am eagerly awaiting
> a rdbms backend for gnucash!
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to merge two accounts, delete the account you dont wnat to keep and
GnuCash will ask you what you want to do with the transactions in the
acount,   options are move to [PICK ACCOUNT] or delete transactions
pick move and you are sorted.   From memory you need to make sure that
both accounts are the same type before doing this.


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