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Mon Sep 8 19:40:27 EDT 2008

Yes, I have gotten to the point where now it says that it cannot find packages for datemanip and it error's out at that point.  I have gone in and specifically installed, uninstalled, and rebooted for the datemanip package through the perl package manager.  I try the install online price grabber again and again and the same error comes up

* Check Perl
* Install DateManip
Downloading ActiveState Package Repository packlist...not modified
Downloading roth packlist...done
Downloading roth GDBM_File PPD...done
Downloading roth Win32-Message PPD...done
Downloading roth Win32-ODBCBETA PPD...done
Downloading roth Win32-RASAdmin PPD...done
Downloading roth Win32-Scheduler PPD...done
Downloading roth Win32-Tie-Ini PPD...done
Downloading roth Win32-Volume PPD...done
Downloading log4perl packlist...redirect
Downloading log4perl packlist...done
Downloading bribes packlist...not modified
Downloading Joe packlist...done
ppm install failed: Can't find any package that provides DateManip
An error occured, see above.
Press any key to continue . . .
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Quoting "Benetz, Joe" <JosephBenetz at>:

> I have installed gnucash and love the product, but I am having a
> great deal of trouble installing Finance::Quote.  I've tried to
> follow the directions in the help menu but it doesn't seem to be
> going very well.  I have even installed active perl 5.8 as the
> program has suggested, but no luck there either.  If you could please
> help me in some way that would be greatly appreciated.

you installed Active Perl 5.8 and then ran [Start] -> All Programs ->
GnuCash -> Install online price grabber

... And it still didn't work?

> Thank you.

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