balance sheet rollup-totals are $0

Fred Bone Fred.Bone at
Wed Sep 10 12:14:15 EDT 2008

On 10 September 2008 at 8:57, David T. said:

> I am not using Windows much these days. 
> Microsoft has an article for how to set variables in Windows XP:
> I found this forum thread for Windows Vista:
> ent-variables.html
> I will not vouch that these will fix the problem or work.

The problem appears to be that the OS interface that Gnucash is using 
(mingw?) does not support the use of the Unix variable names, 
specifically LC_CURRENCY, to override what's in the OS locale settings. 
There may be environment variables it will respond to, but we don't know 
what they are.

FWIW, I have verified that changing things "the Windows way", via 
Settings -> Control panel -> Regional and language options, does change 
what Gnucash shows (next time you start it up), but that's a user-
specific rather than application-specific approach. Fine for me, but 
apparently not for the OP.

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