syncing two pcs

Doug Laidlaw laidlaws at
Sat Sep 13 01:10:05 EDT 2008

On Saturday 16 August 2008 12:24:48 pm Robert Smits wrote:
> On July 6, 2008 09:37:45 pm Paul wrote:
> > Does anyone know if/how gnucash can be run on two pcs and sync them
> > together?  I have duplicated both pc's file structures for the
> > application but only one actually contains data.  Any help would be
> > appreciated.
> I just use rsync on both machines, and copy the file from the office
> machine to the laptop if it's the last one I updated. If I updated the
> laptop last, I just rsync in the opposite direction, and copy files from
> the laptop to the office machine. No muss, no fuss. Available on pretty
> much any distro.

FWIW, I tried syncing between my Windows and Linux partitions by putting the 
file on Windows and symlinking from Linux.  I got filesystem complications, 
such as end-of-line.  Now if I really want to use the file under Windows 
(usually it is for reference in updating Quicken) I copy it across.


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