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At Sun, 14 Sep 2008 13:25:09 -0700 Raquel <raquel at> wrote:

> I have a friend for whom I've set up Debian Etch and GnuCash v.2.0.6.
> She wants ONLY to have a "single entry" checkbook register without
> setting up accounts, etc.  I've looked and have not found a way for
> her to accomplish that.  Is there a way she have just a plain old
> check register using GnuCash?

Probably not something that 'simple', but close:

She *really* should set things up properly -- it is not really that
hard and she might find it helpful and useful in the long run, but... 
What she can do is start GnuCash and use the new file wizard
(File=>New=>New File) and select 'A Simple Checkbook' and uncheck
'Common Accounts' when she gets to the account creation frame.  This
will create the minimum set up. 

She can now put all of her transactions in the 'Checking Account',
making all deposits from the 'Income' account and all withdrawals to the
'Expenses' account. 


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