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"Etibusisweni Farm" <stocksi at> writes:

> When Maf talks about "the new bill creation area" there is potential for
> confusion.  Under New Bill for Vendors, there are two possible data entry
> fields for ID data:  one, labelled Invoice ID, automatically generates a
> number if left blank; the other, labelled Billing ID, remains empty unless
> data is entered.


> It would seem to me that the Billing ID field is intended for the number
> appearing on the Vendor's invoice.  The Invoice ID corresponds to what, in
> paper book keeping, might be called a Purchase Note number, which would be
> generated by the recipient of the goods or services.  Both numbers appear on
> the summary under View Vendor's Bills, but only the Invoice ID on the
> default Vendor Report.


> Apart from that, it doesn't seem to make a lot of difference which field you
> use if you want to generate your own reference numbers and, yes, it would be
> more convenient to have separate counters for the Invoice ID for Vendors and
> Customers to allow for an uninterrupted sequence of Customer invoice numbers
> if none is entered.

Um, they ARE separate counters.  Or at least they should be.  They
certainly are in trunk, but it's possible that patch has not
been back-ported to 2.2.

> Ian

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