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Tue Sep 23 10:32:52 EDT 2008

With a laser printer, I don't think stopping in the middle can be  
done. The ink jets I've seen also tend to want to find the physical  
top of a new page if you send them a new job. They'll either eject the  
old one when data stops for some length of time, or eject it to start  
a new page when a new job starts.

I use the same check stock as you do. I just tear off each check as it  
is printed and send the smaller page through the printer again for the  
next check. The check definition only prints on one check of the page,  
so you just tell it to print the top check, and the printer acts as if  
it has a full sheet, and it works. You can send the already printed  
check through with the rest of the page as long as you remember to set  
the Top, Middle, Bottom setting before printing. I'm not much of a fan  
of sending an already printed check through a laser printer again. And  
the bottom check does tend to look a little dingy by its third trip  
through the print path (collecting too much fuser?). Also, my laser  
printer tends to be more aggressive in its attempts to force the tail  
end of the page against the side stop (to keep the paper 'straight').  
With the cheapest Quicken wallet checks I could find, that printer  
behavior ends up misaligning 1/3 to 1/2 of the 3rd check-on-the-sheet  
(after the top two are torn off). With Deluxe checks, I think I had  
about 3 misfeeds in 300 pages of checks. With the cheap check stock, I  
just print to my Canon ink jet and don't have problems.

It would be nice to be able to  select and print multiple checks in  
one print job. I'm down to printing only 1 or 2 checks a month and my  
wife hand writes about 5 a month. So I'm less anxious about that patch  
getting written than I used to be.

On Sep 23, 2008, at 8:55 AM, Dick wrote:

> I am using the Quicken "wallet size" ( 3 to a page with a stub on the
> left side) checks that are printed on an 8 1/2 X 11 single sheets.
> If a batch printing of multiple checks is not available then, a way to
> prevent the printer from advancing to the end of the sheet after
> printing one or two checks would work. Otherwise, I assume you would
> have to use something like a "Forms Leader" to attach the remaining
> checks to and then you would feed that sheet to the printer and then
> select top, middle or bottom check to print for the next check and  
> so on
> for the third and final check of that sheet. Too time consuming and
> possible alignment problems.
> Dick,
> Dawning Sky wrote:
>> Derek Atkins wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> dlehopper-info at writes:
>>>> I am a user looking to abandon Quicken (GnuCash double entry much
>>>> better). Need to print 3 checks at a time to suit check form or, be
>>>> able to control form feed and print one at a time without advancing
>>>> to end of form. If a stable version with that feature was available
>>>> a donation would gladly be forthcoming.
>>> Unfortunately no, GnuCash cannot print multiple checks at once.
>> But I believe it can be worked out to print one check at a time
>> although I never tried myself.  In the worst case you can define 3
>> formats for each of those 3 checks on one sheet.
>> BTW, what kind of blank checks are these?  Are they comes with holes
>> on the side as on those continuous feed paper for dot matrix printers
>> (I don't know how to deal with this kind)?
>> Or they are on a letter sized sheet for laser or inkjet printers?
>> Will you be tearing off one check after printing?
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>>> -derek
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