Order listing in account by "Transfer"? Select and modify multiple?

Gordon Kindlmann gk at bwh.harvard.edu
Tue Sep 23 19:18:17 EDT 2008


As a user of Bank of America's "Keep the change" program, in each  
month of my checking account statement there are dozens of  
transactions that I want to specify as going from my checking, to my  
savings account.  Upon importing the statement via the QIF format,  
the "Transfer" column says "Unspecified".

I've specified accounts for most of the transactions individually,  
but now I want to order all the transactions by "Transfer", select  
all the "Unspecified"s left, and modify the account to be my savings  

Is this possible?

Is there an existing option to teach gnucash that with a transaction  
is named "keep the change", it can assume that its going from  
checking to savings?


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