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Gordon Kindlmann gk at bwh.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 24 19:46:16 EDT 2008


Ok, understood.   Still, the mind boggles at the possibility that  
software (fink) that's smart enough to look at its internal state,  
understand dependencies, and talk to servers around the world, and  
still happily does so when you ask it to, is not smart enough to say  
to the user "No, stop, I'm on a dead end, and I do not have the means  
of overcoming this dead end".

I'm still building the ~100 packages required for gnucash2, and  
watching GNU configure check the same system parameters over and over  
again, but in the mean time I can say (for the sake of posterity and  
this mailing list archive) that getting out of this hole on a PowerPC  
Mac requires a version of XCode (version 2.5, which modern enough for  
a good gcc-4.0, but not the XCode 3 that requires Intel) that is not  
easily found on apple's website:





On Sep 24, 2008, at 2:12 PM, Dave Reiser wrote:

> Gordon Kindlmann wrote:
> [...]
>> rsync -rtz --delete-after --delete -q   --include='10.4- 
>> transitional/'
> oops. The 10.4-transitional tree has been dead for 2 years. You can  
> either delete your entire fink installation and start fresh (not a  
> bad idea...) or read the relevant news item from 7/24/2006 at
> http://www.finkproject.org/news/index.php?phpLang=en
> to see if the update script might work for you.
> Dave
> -- 
> David Reiser
> dbreiser at earthlink.net

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