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Gordon Kindlmann gk at
Thu Sep 25 13:05:33 EDT 2008

Okay, so the issue is much more fink-specific than I had thought.  I  
still have to chuckle at gnucash needing qhull though.  As a periodic  
user of fink, I'll see what I can do to help with it.

For the time being I guess my little rant should just be counted as a  
vote for the availability of a pre-compiled Mac gnucash binary, as a  
peer to the one for Windows. Right now the difficulty in getting it  
compiled for my mac (I killed the compilation after ~12 hours) has  
meant that I just can't spend any more time figuring it out, and have  
to look elsewhere.  I'm now trying, even though its  
clearly a rather different beast, but it may do for what I need.


On Sep 25, 2008, at 12:35 PM, David Reiser wrote:

> The fink lists would be a better place for this question, but I  
> think the general answer is "dependencies of dependencies". Sure,  
> if you hand built each of the libraries upon which gnucash is  
> based, you could noticeably trim the packages you install. But fink  
> tends to build each of those packages in the most generally usable  
> way it can (as in: include all the capabilities of each library  
> that are readily ported to the mac, not just the pieces any  
> specific client app uses).
> There have been some discussions of late about trimming back  
> notable offenders, like doxygen. A generic build of doxygen builds  
> the docs, which requires every app it serves to be present and that  
> drags in a huge list. And a recent release of fink's swig (not  
> needed for gnucash built in fink) claimed to need gcc43 (an extra 6  
> hours of compiling alone). That one has been fixed, but certainly  
> there are other opportunities to streamline package definitions.  
> Unfortunately, there are only a few dozen active maintainers of  
> fink handling the 7000+ packages. Care to volunteer some time?
> You are right that there are a bunch of things built that won't get  
> used. But I'm certainly not going to build a customized library  
> just so I don't take up a few more megabytes of disk space (even  
> when a few megabytes is multiplied by a hundred libraries).
> Dave
> On Sep 25, 2008, at 12:14 PM, Gordon Kindlmann wrote:
>> Hello-
>> As someone faced with installing gnucash from the first time on a
>> Mac, I get to see all the various packages that it depends on
>> (below).  Some of them just don't make sense.  As part of making an
>> informed decision to use gnucash, I'd love some perspective on how
>> they contribute to this software.
>> If I've done something wrong in how I've selected the virtual
>> dependencies within fink for "gnucash2", that would be good to know.
>> Otherwise, I'm stumped:
>> fftw3?  For doing Fourier Transforms of my bank statements?  Yes,
>> this is probably from Octave, but then why use all of Octave?
>> cdparanoia?  ogg & vorbis?  esound? What do these audio tools have to
>> do with accounting?
>> qhull?  This is computational geometry stuff for doing n-dimensional
>> convex hull computations.  I genuinely curious how it helps for
>> accounting.
>> HDF5?  This is a heavy-weight scientific data fileformat.
>> giflib, libtiff, libjpeg, AND libpng:  I bet gnucash isn't reading
>> these image formats; does it have to generate them all?
>> guile, tcl, python, AND ruby: I thought gnucash was C + guile; very
>> sensible.  What are Tcl, python, and ruby doing here?
>> tk, qt, openmotif, AND gnome:  How many toolkits are needed for this
>> to have a GUI?
>> Thanks for any insight,
>> Gordon
>> Pick one: [1]
>> The following package will be installed or updated:
>>  gnucash2
>> The following 362 additional packages will be installed:
>>  aalib aalib-bin aalib-shlibs app-defaults aqbanking16 aqbanking16-
>> shlibs
>>  aquaterm aquaterm-dev aquaterm-shlibs atk1 atk1-shlibs atlas-shlibs
>> audiofile
>>  audiofile-bin audiofile-shlibs autoconf automake1.9 avahi avahi-dev
>> bison
>>  cairo cairo-shlibs clisp crypt-ssleay-pm586 daemonic date-manip-pm
>> db44-aes
>>  db44-aes-shlibs dbus dbus-dev dbus-shlibs default-icon-theme
>>  docbook-dsssl-nwalsh docbook-dtd docbook-utils docbook-xsl doxygen
>> eel2.2-dev
>>  eel2.2-shlibs esound esound-bin esound-common esound-shlibs evince
>>  expat-shlibs expat1 expat1-shlibs fftw3 fftw3-shlibs finance-quote-
>> pm586
>>  finance-quotehist-pm586 fink-obsolete-packages fontconfig-config
>>  fontconfig2-dev fontconfig2-shlibs freetype219 freetype219-shlibs
>> gail18
>>  gail18-dev gail18-shlibs gawk gcc43 gcc43-shlibs gconf2 gconf2-dev
>>  gconf2-shlibs gd2 gd2-bin gd2-shlibs gdbm gdbm-shlibs gdbm3 gdbm3-
>> shlibs
>>  gettext-tools ghostscript ghostscript-fonts giflib giflib-bin
>> giflib-shlibs
>>  glib glib-shlibs glib2-dev glib2-shlibs glitz glitz-shlibs glpk-dev
>>  glpk-shlibs gmp gmp-shlibs gnome-base gnome-common gnome-desktop
>>  gnome-desktop4-dev gnome-desktop4-shlibs gnome-doc-utils gnome-icon-
>> theme
>>  gnome-keyring gnome-keyring-dev gnome-keyring-shlibs gnome-menus2- 
>> dev
>>  gnome-menus2-shlibs gnome-mime-data gnome-vfs2-unified gnome-vfs2-
>> unified-dev
>>  gnome-vfs2-unified-shlibs gnucash2-shlibs gnuplot graphviz graphviz-
>> shlibs
>>  gst-plugins-base-0.10 gst-plugins-base-0.10-dev gst-plugins-
>> base-0.10-shlibs
>>  gstreamer-0.10 gstreamer-0.10-dev gstreamer-0.10-shlibs gtk+2 gtk+2-
>> dev
>>  gtk+2-shlibs gtk-doc gtkglarea2 gtkglarea2-shlibs gtkglext1
>> gtkglext1-shlibs
>>  gtkhtml3.14-dev gtkhtml3.14-shlibs guile18 guile18-dev guile18-gtk
>>  guile18-gtk-shlibs guile18-libs guile18-shlibs guile18-www
>> gwenhywfar38
>>  gwenhywfar38-shlibs hdf5 hdf5-bin hdf5-shlibs html-tableextract- 
>> pm586
>>  html-tagset-pm icon-naming-utils intltool jadetex ktoblzcheck
>>  ktoblzcheck-bankdata ktoblzcheck-shlibs libart2 libart2-shlibs
>>  libavahi-client3-shlibs libavahi-common3-shlibs libavahi-core5- 
>> shlibs
>>  libavahi-glib1-dev libavahi-glib1-shlibs libbonobo2 libbonobo2-dev
>>  libbonobo2-shlibs libbonoboui2 libbonoboui2-dev libbonoboui2-shlibs
>>  libcdparanoia0-dev libcdparanoia0-shlibs libcroco3 libcroco3-shlibs
>>  libcurl3-unified libcurl3-unified-shlibs libcurl4 libcurl4-shlibs
>> libdaemon
>>  libdaemon-shlibs libdatrie libdatrie-shlibs libexif12 libexif12- 
>> shlibs
>>  libgcrypt libgcrypt-shlibs libgettextpo2-shlibs libggi2 libggi2-dev
>>  libggi2-shlibs libgii0 libgii0-dev libgii0-shlibs libglade2
>> libglade2-shlibs
>>  libgmpxx-shlibs libgnome2 libgnome2-dev libgnome2-shlibs
>> libgnomecanvas2
>>  libgnomecanvas2-dev libgnomecanvas2-shlibs libgnomecups-dev
>>  libgnomecups-shlibs libgnomeprint2.2-dev libgnomeprint2.2-shlibs
>>  libgnomeprintui2.2-dev libgnomeprintui2.2-shlibs libgnomeui2
>> libgnomeui2-dev
>>  libgnomeui2-shlibs libgoffice-0.6 libgoffice-0.6-shlibs libgpg-error
>>  libgpg-error-shlibs libgsf1.114-dev libgsf1.114-gnome-dev
>>  libgsf1.114-gnome-shlibs libgsf1.114-shlibs libicu32-dev libidl2
>>  libidl2-shlibs libjpeg libjpeg-bin libjpeg-shlibs libkpathsea4
>>  libkpathsea4-shlibs libming-dev libming0-shlibs libmpfr1 libmpfr1-
>> shlibs
>>  libnautilus-ext1-dev libnautilus-ext1-shlibs libofx3 libofx3-shlibs
>> libogg
>>  libogg-shlibs liboil-0.3 liboil-0.3-shlibs libpng3 libpng3-shlibs
>>  librarian.0-shlibs librsvg2 librsvg2-shlibs libsigsegv libsigsegv-
>> shlibs
>>  libssh2.1 libssh2.1-shlibs libthai libthai-dev libthai-shlibs
>>  libtheora0-shlibs libtiff libtiff-bin libtiff-shlibs libtool14
>>  libtool14-shlibs libvorbis0 libvorbis0-shlibs libwww libwww-bin
>> libwww-pm586
>>  libwww-shlibs libxml++1 libxml++1-shlibs libxml2 libxml2-bin
>> libxml2-py25
>>  libxml2-shlibs libxslt libxslt-bin libxslt-shlibs lua51 lua51-dev
>> lua51-shlibs
>>  lynx m4 mono mono-shlibs ocaml ocaml-findlib octave-atlas openjade
>> openmotif3
>>  openmotif3-shlibs opensp4 opensp4-dev opensp4-shlibs orbit2  
>> orbit2-dev
>>  orbit2-shlibs pango1-xft2-ft219 pango1-xft2-ft219-dev pango1-xft2-
>> ft219-shlibs
>>  passwd pcre pcre-bin pcre-shlibs pdflib6 pdflib6-shlibs pixman
>> pixman-shlibs
>>  pkgconfig plotutils plotutils-dev plotutils-shlibs poppler-bin
>> poppler-data
>>  poppler2 poppler2-glib poppler2-glib-shlibs poppler2-shlibs popt
>> popt-shlibs
>>  python25 python25-shlibs python25-socket pyxml-py25 qhull qt3 qt3-
>> designer
>>  qt3-designer-shlibs qt3-doc qt3-linguist qt3-shlibs rarian rarian-
>> compat
>>  readline readline-shlibs readline5 readline5-shlibs ruby ruby18
>> ruby18-dev
>>  ruby18-shlibs sdl sdl-shlibs sed sgml-entities-iso8879 sgmls-pm
>>  shared-mime-info slib3 slib3-gu18 sqlite3-dev sqlite3-shlibs
>>  startup-notification-dev startup-notification-shlibs suitesparse  
>> swig
>>  system-openssl-dev szip szip-shlibs t1lib5-nox t1lib5-nox-shlibs
>> t1lib5-x11
>>  t1lib5-x11-shlibs tcltk tcltk-dev tcltk-shlibs tetex-base tetex- 
>> texmf
>>  texi2html texinfo text-csv-pp-pm586 wxgtk2.8 wxgtk2.8-shlibs xdg-
>> base xft2-dev
>>  xmkmf xml-namespacesupport-pm xml-parser-pm586 xml-sax-expat-pm586
>>  xml-sax-pm586 xml-simple-pm586
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