Date Opened user error or bug?

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Fri Sep 26 04:35:45 EDT 2008


I am currently using GnuCash to see whether it is suitable for my small business use and I have come across a problem which I'm sure must be due to my user error but might be a bug.

I am using GnuCash 2.2.6 on Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 SP2. The system is being used in the UK (so uses £ and dates are in dd/mm/yyyy format).

The problem is when I create an invoice (Customer → New Invoice) the Date Opened field defaults to 1/9/2008 (I am writing this on 26/9/2008) so I change it (to 26/9/2008 in this case) and add the Customer Name (those are the only 2 fields I populate in the New Invoice window). However, when I get taken to the Edit Invoice window the Date Opened has reverted to 1/9/2008 and is greyed out so I can't edit it. The line items in the invoice show the current day's date, but not the Date Opened.

This is important to me because the Invoice Date on the top left corner of the printed invoice shows 1/9/2008, which is wrong (I think its a legal requirement in the UK for invoices to show correct dates – and even if it isn't I want mine to!).

What am I doing wrong? I have only been looking at GnuCash for a couple of days, so its likley to be a silly error on my part, but I can't find anything about this in the documentation.

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