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Cam Ellison cam at
Fri Sep 26 16:13:13 EDT 2008

Robert Heller wrote:
> I suspect that you could download the HBCI library sources (from
> I believe) and build them yourself.
> Then download the Gnucash sources and rebuild that with HBCI support
> enabled.  You'll need the build tools (eg make, gcc, binutils, etc.)
> and various -dev packages.  I'm not totally sure what all of the
> dependencies are, partitularly under Debian / Ubuntu (I use RedHat
> myself).
> Or you could complain to the Debian / Ubuntu packagers about not
> including the HBCI library (aqbanking).  I don't know what the license
> issue is. The aqbanking package under CentOS seems to include the HBCI
> support and is GPL, so the fact that the Debian / Ubuntu doesn't include
> it is strange.  Maybe someone else has an explaination...
Debian policy (as well as I understand it) does not allow the packaging 
of non-free apps, libraries, etc. (there used to be a section for 
non-free items, but there was a sort of palace revolution, and it was 
removed).  I believe HBCI is a proprietary format, and on that basis 
could not be included.  Ubuntu uses Debian packages.  On the other hand, 
Debianizing applications is relatively easy to do.



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