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Derek Atkins warlord at MIT.EDU
Fri Sep 26 16:36:49 EDT 2008

Quoting Cam Ellison <cam at>:

>> Or you could complain to the Debian / Ubuntu packagers about not
>> including the HBCI library (aqbanking).  I don't know what the license
>> issue is. The aqbanking package under CentOS seems to include the HBCI
>> support and is GPL, so the fact that the Debian / Ubuntu doesn't include
>> it is strange.  Maybe someone else has an explaination...
> Debian policy (as well as I understand it) does not allow the packaging
> of non-free apps, libraries, etc. (there used to be a section for
> non-free items, but there was a sort of palace revolution, and it was
> removed).  I believe HBCI is a proprietary format, and on that basis
> could not be included.  Ubuntu uses Debian packages.  On the other hand,
> Debianizing applications is relatively easy to do.

Bzzt.  Thank you for playing.

The problem is that GnuCash (which is GPL) uses AqBanking (which is also
GPL), but the HBCI (and OFX-DC) backends in AqBanking (loadable modules)
link against OpenSSL, which is apparently not GPL-friendly.  Now, AqB's
license isn't QUITE the GPL -- it's actually the GPL with an OpenSSL 
HOWEVER, GnuCash has no OpenSSL exclusion.   So...  Even though GnuCash
itself doesn't link against OpenSSL directly, even though it only gets
pulled in through a loadable module, and even though NOBODY CARES, the
Debian people wont ship it.

I'll note that Debian is the ONLY distro to take this stance.. And Ubuntu,
as a result, has inherited the insanity.

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