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Cam Ellison cam at
Fri Sep 26 16:49:01 EDT 2008

Derek Atkins wrote:
> The problem is that GnuCash (which is GPL) uses AqBanking (which is also
> GPL), but the HBCI (and OFX-DC) backends in AqBanking (loadable modules)
> link against OpenSSL, which is apparently not GPL-friendly.  Now, AqB's
> license isn't QUITE the GPL -- it's actually the GPL with an OpenSSL 
> exclusion.
> HOWEVER, GnuCash has no OpenSSL exclusion.   So...  Even though GnuCash
> itself doesn't link against OpenSSL directly, even though it only gets
> pulled in through a loadable module, and even though NOBODY CARES, the
> Debian people wont ship it.
> I'll note that Debian is the ONLY distro to take this stance.. And 
> Ubuntu,
> as a result, has inherited the insanity.
I wonder what Ian Murdoch thinks about all this.  ;-)


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