Editing exchange rate for a transaction

colbec colbec at start.ca
Sat Sep 27 11:29:00 EDT 2008

colbec wrote:
> I'm using 2.2.7 compiled on OpenSUSE 11, all seems to be fine apart from
> multiple currency behaviour and I am wondering what I am missing. I have
> CAD set as the basic currency and on top of that I have a number of income
> and expense accounts in USD. In my reports the CAD items are marked with $
> and the USD marked as USD. OK so far except that all amounts in reports in
> USD are not translated to CAD.
> I can set and update the 'price' of CAD/USD in the Prices menu option,
> however when I go to an existing transaction in USD, right click and
> select "Edit exchange rate" nothing happens. Evidently the system knows I
> am in the process of editing the entry since I get a warning to discard or
> save when moving on to something else. When selecting edit exchange rate
> from the menu I get the same behaviour for that transaction. When clicking
> on an empty transaction I get a message to 'expand' the entry before
> editing, but adding a new entry does not at any time give me an option to
> change the XR.
> When printing a report that gives me an option to print the XR I get 1 CAD
> = 1 USD. I've a feeling that when setting up the account chart I made a
> selection which may be overriding my desired XR behaviour but I cannot
> find anything relevant in the preferences or account settings to modify.
> Any help to get over this hurdle would be appreciated.
> Colin Beckingham

OK I think I have at least partly answered my own question. This is somewhat
related to bug #330768 perhaps.

In one of my USD accounts I had entries whose offsetting entries were in a
mix of accounts, some in USD and some in CAD. In those entries which were
offset by CAD accounts the XR dialog popped, but where USD account was
offset by USD account there was no popup. Clearly when USD <-> USD there is
no immediate XR involved. The only confusing part is that the "Edit exchange
rate" option is not greyed out for that item which perhaps it should be. I
have rearranged my chart of accounts and now it behaves a lot more

This just leaves the meaning of the "Account Summary" report. Most lines are
simply "Name of account   $ NNN.NN" where the $ is clearly CAD but the USD
lines are like:

	Interest USD	USD 14.01	$0.00

Which leaves me puzzled still, what is the meaning of this line? Is it
telling me that the 14$ US equates to $0 CAD at a moment in time? If so why
it is not applying the latest XR for a CAD equivalent?

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