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Donald Allen donaldcallen at
Sun Sep 28 09:06:36 EDT 2008

On Sun, Sep 28, 2008 at 2:12 AM, Steve J <snijuniper at> wrote:
> I've been using GnuCash for several years w/linux and now Kubuntu. Every time
> I update with apt it seems like problems happen. With the last update the
> computer won't boot at all - kubuntu appears then the screen goes blank. I'm
> thinking about giving up on linux/kubuntu and getting a new laptop,

First, I assume the new laptop is not related to your kubuntu
problems? Otherwise, that would be a rather extreme overreaction:-)

> will probably have Vista installed (I've been trying to boycot MS!).
> QUESTION: Will GC easily install with Vista and can I use my backup GC file
> to get going again?

If you prefer not to use Windows (I could not agree more -- every time
I'm forced to use it, I marvel at how Microsoft got so rich peddling
such software), I would suggest to you that there are many good Linux
distributions other than Kubuntu, Ubuntu included (which might be your
best choice; it is the primary focus of that organization; Kubuntu is
a bit off to the side in their scheme of things, so it may be more
likely to have problems). I run Gentoo on three machines, and I think
it is superb. I like my environment lean and mean, tailored just the
way I want it (I run neither Gnome nor KDE; if you can believe it, I
use TWM, one of the oldest, if not *the* oldest window managers
available, because it is easily customizable to behave the way I
want). But Gentoo is not for the faint-of-heart; you need to know what
you are doing (I've been a computer professional since the mid-1960s).
As for Ubuntu, 've installed it on my wife's laptop, have gnucash
installed there, and both the whole distribution and gnucash itself
have been through mutliple upgrades without problems.

Another suggestion: when you get your new machine, it can be set up
dual-boot, using Partition Magic to squash the Windows partition to
make room for Linux. I provided an outline to someone else within the
past year on how to do this. If interested, search the archives for
"Partition Magic" and you should find it. One caveat: I have not done
this trick with Vista. I just got a new machine not too long ago and
it came with Vista, which I promptly replaced with XP, after doing an
Acronis full backup (to an external SATA disk in a USB shoebox) of the
system right out of the box (XP is in a 10 Gb partition -- the rest of
the 100 Gb disk is devoted to Linux). I vaguely recall reading that
there are complications with setting up a dual-boot Vista/Linux system
that were not an issue with prior versions of Windows; this would need
to be researched before starting down this path (and if you do, I urge
you to do a full backup of your system, as I did, before mucking with
it, so you have a safety net).


  Thanks - Steve J
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