Online Banking and Tiger 10.4.11

David Reiser dbreiser at
Tue Sep 30 12:08:04 EDT 2008

On Sep 30, 2008, at 10:41 AM, Andre Powell wrote:

> I have installed GnuCash via fink (after about 2.5 – 3 hours)  
> version .90 on
> OSX Tiger  10.4.11 and I am running into the following errors -
> When starting GnuCash I receive the following error:
> damacbook:~ andrepowell$ /sw/bin/gnucash
> gnc.bin-Message: main: binreloc relocation support was disabled at  
> configure
> time.
> My FI is SECU and the FID is 1001 using the server address
> When setting up online banking I tried to use the get accounts  
> function for
> it to fail with this errors:
>> From terminal (X11)
> 4:2008/09/30 10-35-00:gwen(12119):iomanager.c:  278: Still working  
> after
> 10000 loops, sleeping
> 3:2008/09/30 10-35-01:(null)(12119):provider.c:  659: Error exchanging
> getAccounts-request (-34)
> 3:2008/09/30 10-35-01:qt3_wizard(12119):cfgtabpageuserofx.cpp:  283:  
> Error
> requesting account list
> “Network error while waiting for response” from th aqbanking window
> Errors with “Get balance”  Password does not show when logging in
> Sending jobs to the bank(s)
> Resolving hostname "" ...
> IP address is
> Sending request...
> Connecting to bank...
> Connected.
> Waiting for response...
> Network error while waiting for response
> Error parsing server response
> Postprocessing jobs
> Resetting provider queues
> I have used APPID “Money” and APPVER “1700” and not used it and it  
> still
> does not work , the only way that I am able to get the data is via the
> script. It would really be great to get this to work.
> Andre

This is definitely an aqbanking issue rather than a gnucash issue. But  
Which version of gnucash? A couple days ago I updated the fink  
repository to gnucash 2.2.7 and with it switched to aqbanking 3  
(library name aqbanking20). My tests show that the newer aqbanking  
works as well as the older one now for OFXDirectConnect, so I updated  
for the German users that need a newer HCBI. It's possible there are  
differences among bank's implementation of OFX, however. One  
possibility is that the bank doesn't allow "get Accounts" queries. In  
that case you'd have to set up your aqbanking account manually (in  
addition to setting up the user).

APPVER "1700" would match with and APPID "QWIN" not "Money" (I think  
Money's version numbering scheme is lower than Quicken's). If  
downloading with works, then you should be able to use the same  
APPID and APPVER that is passing.

If you set AQOFX_LOG_COMM=1 in your environment ('export  
AQOFX_LOG_COMM=1' for bash), than /tmp/ofx.log contains a transcript  
of the ofx communication session from aqbanking. It appends session  
logs until you reboot, so if you try multiple times, the most recent  
attempt is at the bottom of the file. Don't leave that variable set in  
your environment, though, because your ID and password appear in the  
data stream as plain text. It doesn't leave your computer that way  
because it isn't sent until an SSH session is established, but the log  
is constructed outside ssh. On a mac, /tmp is a symlink to /private/ 
tmp. The ofx.log file will at least let you see if you get an error  
message from the bank's ofx server vs. some more general communication  

David Reiser
dbreiser at

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