Online Banking and Tiger 10.4.11

Andre Powell apowell656 at
Tue Sep 30 10:41:59 EDT 2008

I have installed GnuCash via fink (after about 2.5 ­ 3 hours) version .90 on
OSX Tiger  10.4.11 and I am running into the following errors -

When starting GnuCash I receive the following error:
damacbook:~ andrepowell$ /sw/bin/gnucash
gnc.bin-Message: main: binreloc relocation support was disabled at configure

My FI is SECU and the FID is 1001 using the server address
When setting up online banking I tried to use the get accounts function for
it to fail with this errors:
>From terminal (X11)
4:2008/09/30 10-35-00:gwen(12119):iomanager.c:  278: Still working after
10000 loops, sleeping
3:2008/09/30 10-35-01:(null)(12119):provider.c:  659: Error exchanging
getAccounts-request (-34)
3:2008/09/30 10-35-01:qt3_wizard(12119):cfgtabpageuserofx.cpp:  283: Error
requesting account list

³Network error while waiting for response² from th aqbanking window

Errors with ³Get balance²  Password does not show when logging in
Sending jobs to the bank(s)
Resolving hostname "" ...
IP address is
Sending request...
Connecting to bank...
Waiting for response...
Network error while waiting for response
Error parsing server response
Postprocessing jobs
Resetting provider queues

I have used APPID ³Money² and APPVER ³1700² and not used it and it still
does not work , the only way that I am able to get the data is via the script. It would really be great to get this to work.


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