GnuCash on Windows XP

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at
Tue Sep 30 15:34:26 EDT 2008

>On my current laptop, running OpenSuse 11, it takes Gnucash about 11 seconds 
>to open.
In any case, time for an application to open rarely a consideration. 
Time to process transactions, yes, since each time you open the 
application you are likely to process some volume of transactions. 
However even if the application did its part of transaction processing 
like lightning, the time you take to type in the data -- select the 
date, enter a check number maybe, and amount, pick the affected 
account(s), enter a description, etc. These will dwarf the time the 
computer takes unless that is VERY slow. Each day you (organizational 
treasurer) open GnuCash to enter business you open just once, yes?

On an old slow computer DEDICATED to GnuCash accounting I doubt that the 
speed will be very different under different operating systems. Think 
about it (the operating system isn't playing so much of a role). Memory 
needs to be adequate for THIS application (so it isn't making ITSELF 
page) but you aren't going to be simultaneously having a dozen 
applications open all competing for core. You aren't asking the machine 
to be playing music while you work, checking for new email messages, etc.


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