GnuCash on Windows XP

Elizabeth Dodd edodd at
Tue Sep 30 17:53:58 EDT 2008

On Wed, 1 Oct 2008, Robert Smits wrote:
> > >yes, use an old laptop, put a linux of suitable type for the processor
> > > on it - there are some very lean distros out there and use gnucash.
> >
> > Try to avoid operating system "politics".
> >
> > The question in this case was about ORGANIZATIONAL use, not personal
> > use. It is for that very reason that I (and experienced "techie" who
> > would have no problems running GnuCash under a 'nxi) did NOT consider
> > that in my evaluation presented to our organization. Willingness to
> > learn a new operating system should not be among the qualifications for
> > running for the office of treasurer of the organization. In my case, I
> > won't be treasurer forever (and in fact, because of our bylaws, will
> > soon have to leave the board for at least one term).
> I think the previous poster was not playing OS politics as much as
> addressing the issue of running Windows on a very old, very underresourced
> laptop. If you move from Windows XP to a small, lean, Linux distro, and
> only use it to run Gnucash, you would very likely speed it up considerably.
> Adding as much memory as you can to the old laptop would help, too.
> On my current laptop, running OpenSuse 11, it takes Gnucash about 11
> seconds to open.

I didn't receive of the copy of the reply claiming I was into OS politics.
At work I have under my care still 6 machines of the Celeron300 type, running 
No, they will not run Windows XP at anything like an appropriate speed. When I 
rehabilitate these machines the only sort of usable distro is DSL or AntiX.
With a short cut on the desktop set to "doubleclick to open" the OS makes no 
difference to the user.
The original post did state
"Thanks in advance for any suggestions."

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