transcation dates and clearing dates

James Raehl james at
Mon Nov 2 03:23:54 EST 2009

Implemented in bug 600374 against Gnucash version 2.3.7 r18397.  We'll 
see what happens to the patch.

I can see the possibility of a register preference to choose
1. not visible editable transaction date, as now, and would be the default
2. editable transaction date using entry-date, labelled transaction date 
per above patch
3. editable transaction date using due-date, labelled due-date, which 
now is only available for business transactions

but I would have to learn how to create a preference (which may take 
months, with my shortage of time) or find someone with experience to 
create the preference.  This preference  would implement 3 editable 
dates for personal banking.

Jim Raehl

rsbrux at wrote:
> Jim,
> The approach you describe below sounds emminently sensible.  Why do 
> you rate it's chances of being integrated in the official distribution 
> so poorly?  After reading the discussion in this list, I'm sure that 
> many users would welcome it's inclusion!  Please give the submission a 
> try.
> Best Regards,
> Roger
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>     The recent discussion was about rigging the numbers to order
>     within a day.  My own scheme is to use 4-digit numbers for
>     deposits and ATM transactions, and 5-digit numbers for checks. 
>     Gnucash sorts first on day, then num.  Thus, my deposits always
>     appear first in the day.
>     For matching bank post date and Gnucash, I initially specify a
>     date sometime in the future, such as end of month or even end of
>     year.  I add the transaction date to the end of the payee
>     description.  Thus: Smith's Grocery (10/15/09).  When the check
>     clears the bank, I change the date to the actual posting date and
>     remove the date from the description.  Thus, the data at current
>     date and prior matches the bank.
>     I think that transaction date should have been designed into
>     Gnucash at the start.  Seems like commercial use of Gnucash would
>     require that.  Otherwise, there is no database date to prove that
>     the transaction occurred on time, but was posted late.  Which
>     really happened for my storage shed monthly payment, which was
>     entered a month late.  Fortunately, I had the dated receipt.
>     My own copy of Gnucash has a transaction date field, which borrows
>     the entry date (which is normally not visible or editable, but
>     which I consider to be useless for personal finances).  I could
>     submit a bug and patch with my changes, but the probability that
>     would be accepted is zero.
>     Jim Raehl
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