transcation dates and clearing dates

James Raehl james at
Mon Nov 2 07:04:01 EST 2009

I have uploaded my current working Windows 2.3.7 R18397 copy to  This includes the editable transaction date, which 
borrows the entry date.  This copy has AQBANKING_WITH_QT=no set, thus 
disabling AQBANKING which I don't use.  This version crashes in the 
nightly build, but doesn't in my build.  It has the Accounts report 
fixed with patch #2, so that doesn't crash.

This copy will be on Rapidshare for 90 days, after which it will be 
automatically deleted.  Please do not report bugs against this copy.  
Report them against the official nightly builds.

Jim Raehl

rsbrux at wrote:
> Jim,
> The approach you describe below sounds emminently sensible.  Why do 
> you rate it's chances of being integrated in the official distribution 
> so poorly?  After reading the discussion in this list, I'm sure that 
> many users would welcome it's inclusion!  Please give the submission a 
> try.
> Best Regards,
> Roger
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>     The recent discussion was about rigging the numbers to order
>     within a day.  My own scheme is to use 4-digit numbers for
>     deposits and ATM transactions, and 5-digit numbers for checks. 
>     Gnucash sorts first on day, then num.  Thus, my deposits always
>     appear first in the day.
>     For matching bank post date and Gnucash, I initially specify a
>     date sometime in the future, such as end of month or even end of
>     year.  I add the transaction date to the end of the payee
>     description.  Thus: Smith's Grocery (10/15/09).  When the check
>     clears the bank, I change the date to the actual posting date and
>     remove the date from the description.  Thus, the data at current
>     date and prior matches the bank.
>     I think that transaction date should have been designed into
>     Gnucash at the start.  Seems like commercial use of Gnucash would
>     require that.  Otherwise, there is no database date to prove that
>     the transaction occurred on time, but was posted late.  Which
>     really happened for my storage shed monthly payment, which was
>     entered a month late.  Fortunately, I had the dated receipt.
>     My own copy of Gnucash has a transaction date field, which borrows
>     the entry date (which is normally not visible or editable, but
>     which I consider to be useless for personal finances).  I could
>     submit a bug and patch with my changes, but the probability that
>     would be accepted is zero.
>     Jim Raehl
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