Possible bug with Cash Flow Report

Maf. King maf at chilwell.net
Wed Nov 4 06:09:29 EST 2009

On Tuesday 03 November 2009 04:00:15 Anthony Nelson wrote:
> Hi All,
> Ok, I know that 98% of reported bugs on any software is really user error,
> or a user misconception on what a piece of software should do.  The
> following may fall into the second category, but it looks like a bug to me.
> Platform: Gnucash 2.2.9 on Ubuntu 9.10
> Executive Summary:
> Cash flow report (10/01/2008 - 9/30/2009) shows $707.46 in the
> "Liabilities:Loan From Shareholder"
> Balance Sheet (9/30/2009) Liabilities: Loan From Shareholder shows $0.00
> I can go into gory detail if it would help, but perhaps there is an obvious
> reason these two numbers do not sync up.

Hi Tony,

IANAA, nor am I particularly familiar with the cash flow report, but I think 
this may well be user (perception) error.

the cash flow report, IIRC, takes a set of accounts and "puts a ring around 
them" reporting on the movement of money "through the ring" over a given time 
period.  Transfers within the ring don't get shown.

The balance sheet gives the account balances at a specific point in time.

I would suppose that the balance sheet report is correct in that there is a 
final balance of $0.00 in your specific account.

I think that you maybe need to look at which accounts are included in the cash 
flow, as it may well be that $707.46 moved across the "boundary" in that time 
period - eg is the account's opening balance included in the cash flow time 
period? Are there transfers to accounts not in the cash-flow options?



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