GC 2.3.7 in Karmic Kubuntu

Stephen R. Besch sbesch at buffalo.edu
Wed Nov 4 12:06:42 EST 2009

That's odd. Usually sudo is not required for 'make' - unless you've got 
the permissions on your source directory wrong - perhaps checking out 
using sudo, or running ./configure as root. You (the person making the 
build) should own all files in the source tree and have at least rw 
access to all those files. I would consider doing a suitable "chown -r" 
on your source tree.

On the other hand, the 'make install' will require sudo if you install 
to a system directory. As I understand things, you can also specify a 
"prefix" to have GC install in a folder tree that you own, in which case 
sudo won't be needed at all.

Stephen Besch

Roger Miskowicz wrote:
> I think someone mention ownership problem and that is what the compile 
> problem was, using
> sudo make  --- worked.

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