Possible bug with Cash Flow Report

Maf. King maf at chilwell.net
Thu Nov 5 19:57:12 EST 2009

On Friday 06 November 2009 00:05:44 Anthony Nelson wrote:
> Thank you for your input and you may be correct it may be a user perception
> error.  But besides confusing me it is also confusing my CPA (one smart
> dude).  So I am not convinced it is perception.
> Ok here are the details:
> GnuCash 2.2.9
> April 3, 2009: I wrote a personal check to my business.  I recorded this as
> a transfer (Deposit) into Liabilities:Loan from Shareholder
> September 22, 2009: I paid for a personal car repair expense with my
> company credit card.  I recorded this in my Credit Card account in the
> Charge column as a charge to Liabilities:Loan From Shareholder in the
> amount of $4,292.54
> September 29, 2009: I cut a company check to myself in the amount of
> $707.46.  I recorded this in my check account account as a $707.46
> withdrawal from Liabilities:Loan From Shareholder.
> Now, with one exception, everything seems to be as it should be.  Meaning:
> 1) My liability account Loan from Shareholder shows a total of $0.00
> 2) A balance sheet report (on September 30, the end of my fiscal year)
> shows a balance of $0
> but . . .
> My Cash Flow report (10/1/2008 to 9/30/2009) shows:
> Money into selected accounts
> Loan from Shareholder  -- $5000  (CORRECT)
> but
> Money out of selected accounts
> Loan from Shareholder -- $707.46  (WRONG!)
> It is as if GnuCash is not recognizing the September 22 credit card charge
> even though it appears to be categorized properly.
> Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated.  My guess is that
> had I paid for the car repair item with a check rather than my credit card
> everything would sync up.  But it seems to me that this should work anyway
> and the credit card item should deduct from the specified Liability
> account.

Hi Tony,

I think (and I haven't looked to check) that the Cash Flow report defaults to 
looking at flows *between* assets/liabilities and income/expense accounts 
*only*.  The way you describe the car repair txn seems to me to only affect 
the Liabilities:Credit Card and Liabilities:Loan accounts and so (as far as 
the report can see) cash hasn't flowed,  if you see what I mean...?

If you make sure that only one of the above 2 accounts is selected for the 
cash flow report, I *think* you will find that the txn appears in the report 


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