Possible bug with Cash Flow Report

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at mtdata.com
Thu Nov 5 20:14:32 EST 2009

>GnuCash 2.2.9
>April 3, 2009: I wrote a personal check to my business.  I recorded this as
>a transfer (Deposit) into Liabilities:Loan from Shareholder
>September 22, 2009: I paid for a personal car repair expense with my company
>credit card.  I recorded this in my Credit Card account in the Charge column
>as a charge to Liabilities:Loan From Shareholder in the amount of $4,292.54
>September 29, 2009: I cut a company check to myself in the amount of
>$707.46.  I recorded this in my check account account as a $707.46
>withdrawal from Liabilities:Loan From Shareholder.
>Now, with one exception, everything seems to be as it should be.  Meaning:
>1) My liability account Loan from Shareholder shows a total of $0.00
>2) A balance sheet report (on September 30, the end of my fiscal year) shows
>a balance of $0
>but . . .
>My Cash Flow report (10/1/2008 to 9/30/2009) shows:
>Money into selected accounts
>Loan from Shareholder  -- $5000  (CORRECT)
>Money out of selected accounts
>Loan from Shareholder -- $707.46  (WRONG!)
>It is as if GnuCash is not recognizing the September 22 credit card charge
>even though it appears to be categorized properly.
Looks right to me, Tony. You had a cash flow in of $5000 and a cash flow 
out of $707.46

That $4.292.54 you think is missing? That cash flow hasn't happened yet. 
The transaction of September 22 was simply a transfer of liability 
between two liability accounts. Before you paid that personal expense 
with the company credit card the business owed YOU the money but now it 
owes the bank that money. The business still owes that amount, hasn't 
paid it yet.


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