Possible bug with Cash Flow Report

Anthony Nelson tonyn at openlearning.com
Fri Nov 6 11:22:22 EST 2009

Hi Michael,

Again I very much appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

Answer to 1)   When I recorded the credit card transaction, all I did was to
enter a normal transaction but rather than categorize it as a business auto
expense I categorized it (in the transfer column) as  Liability:Loan From
Shareholder.  As expected that transaction automatically shows up in my
account Loan From Shareholder.  When I paid the credit card bill from my
company checking account and then cut an additional check for the remaining
$707.46 the balance in the Loan From Shareholder account drops to $0.
Everything is behaving as I expect.  The only thing that is unexpected is
that the $4292.54 expenditure made in my checking account does not show up
in the Cash Flow report.  Note: when I pay for a telephone bill with my
company credit card that expense does correctly show up on the Cash Flow
report.  I guess I am still not convinced I'm not seeing some sort of bug.

Answer to 2)   My intention was not to co-mingle business and personal
accounts.  All I did was to make my business a short-term loan, and they pay
that loan back.  When I paid the load back I could have done it in the
simplest possible way, cutting one check.   If I had to do it over again I
would have gone down that path.  Instead I used my company credit card to
pay for a non-business expense, categorized it properly (not as a business
expense but rather as a payment against a liability account) and then cut a
check for the balance.  Is that so crazy?

My remaining question: Is there anything I can do so that the account Loan

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