Possible bug with Cash Flow Report

Mike or Penny Novack stepbystepfarm at mtdata.com
Fri Nov 6 08:40:03 EST 2009

> Hi Mike or Penny,
> Thanks for giving this problem so thought.
> Ok, there is one detail I left out.  I have paid my credit card bill 
> out of my checking account on September 22.  The credit card balance 
> on September 30 is correctly shown by GnuCash is $0.  Shouldn't that 
> zero out my Loan to Shareholder account in the Cash Flow report? 
> Still confused,
> Tony

When you say you paid it out of "my" checking account what do you mean? 
Was that "your" (a stockholder's) checking account or the "business's" 
checking account. In either case there are transactions involved there 
there you might not have entered into the company books.

Question 1 -- when you recorded that credit card transaction (for the 
PERSONAL car repair) what accounts were debited and credited? You didn't 
by chance record that against some expense account? (the only accounts 
affected should have been "loan to stockholder" and "credit card").

Question 2 (more serious) -- you aren't perchance trying to keep your 
personal books and the business books in the same set of books? That way 
lies madness and it not working as expected wouldn't be the fault of 


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