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Peter Murray peter at
Wed Nov 11 08:53:45 EST 2009


We are currently producing invoices from GnuCash (Mac OSX PPC) by
exporting the invoice report and then parsing this with a PHP program that
outputs the report formatted as we need it for printing.

Our invoice form is pre-printed and so we are producing a styled HTML layout of
just the data we need. We are required to have the amount due written in words
(in Turkish) and our PHP program is doing all of this, but it is a slow
process. When we upgrade GnuCash, subtle changes in the report layout break our
parser and we have to tweak it.

It would be much easier and quicker to have GnuCash produce our invoices with a
custom report and so we are looking for someone to help us write one.

Anyone interested in earning some cash for a solution to this?

Knowledge of Turkish language is not required - we will provide the text.


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