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David Reiser dbreiser at
Wed Nov 11 12:09:39 EST 2009

On Nov 11, 2009, at 11:56 AM, Doug Brown wrote:

> I am using FQ to get online quotes to Canadian funds and stocks. All had been well until recently.
> Now the first time I click "Get Quotes", I get a message box stating: "There was a system error while retrieving the price quotes.".
> The second time I click "Get Quotes", it goes away and pops up an empty command window (like it used to, and it takes some time like it is working), but responds with a message box stating "Unable to retrieve quotes for these items", and lists _all_ my symbols (fund, stock, and currency).
> I can retrieve the quotes from the command line manually using gnc-fq-dump, and all seems well.
> The GC FAQ suggests loading GC with the -debug parameter. I tried that and GC did not load. I tried with the --debug parameter and GC loads, but the results from my price retrieval efforts are unchanged.
> I am running GC 2.2.9 on XP SP3.
> Any suggestions?
> TIA,
> Doug.
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The "Unable to retrieve quotes..." message is much more likely to be a Finance::Quote issue than a gnucash issue. Which version of FQ are you using? Which quote source are you setting in gnucash? It is common for the quote source sites to modify their pages more often than we'd like. Most of those changes require the finance quote modify its code to accommodate the change.

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