Not Able to Export the accounts from GNU-CASH

Maf. King maf at
Sun Nov 15 18:31:03 EST 2009

On Sunday 15 November 2009 20:27:32 Rishikesh Shukla wrote:
> Hi Mike,
> Thanks for your reply, i  tried your steps but when i open the file on the
> other computer, it says COULD NOT FIND THE FILE.
> i FIRST used save as option and save on the network from there i copied to
> my pendrive and opened from pendrive in other computer.
> The points that i noticed that when i saved the file on my office computer
> it create 3 files in the folder But when i tried to save on my home
> computer it only created one file.
> Anyhow, When i save the file from each of the individual computer it get
> open very well but same file do not get open on other computer.
> Also I tried to user the import facility, it has many format but export has
> only two options and that too has same problem.
> Please Suggest.....
> Rishikesh Shukla

Hi Rishikesh,

Are the versions of GC the same on all the computers?  In the 2.2.x stable 
series, your data is in a single xml file (possibly compressed). 


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