System error when trying to obtain stock quotes

Gérard TESTA gerard.testa at
Mon Nov 16 14:52:44 EST 2009


I'm using gnucash 2.2.9 and my OS is Karmic Koala Ubuntu.
When I try to obtain stock quotes with gnucash (tool / editor quotes /
Get quotes), I get the message: "A system error occurred"

I applied what is recommended on the Wiki gnucash :  How do I fix a
system error when getting stock quotes? 

Try the steps below. After each step, run gnucash and see if that
solution resolved the problem of retrieving stock quotes.  

Make sure you're running Finance::Quote 1.11 version or later. Earlier
versions can no longer retrieve currency quotes. I had 1,16 version.

Run the command gnc-fq-check from the command line. The output should
look like ("1.11" "tsp" "vwd" .....). If it doesn't follow the
directions to install any missing libraries. OK

Run the command echo '(yahoo "CSCO")' | gnc-fq-helper from the command
line. You should get something that looks like (("CSCO" (symbol .
"CSCO") ..... (currency . "USD"))). If you get an error message about a
missing file instead, that's your problem. This is a dependency that
gnucash doesn't know about and so doesn't check for it. You will need to
satisfy the missing dependency. OK.

But usually, at least under linux, it helps to run gnc-fq-update as
I ran it and get Finance installed
in  /usr/local/share/perl/5.10.0/Finance/
Before Finance was in user/share/perl5/

Run gnucash from the command line with the -debug argument, attempt a
quote retrieval, and then contact the developers either via email or on
Here is what I get :
gerard at gerard-desktop:~$ gnucash --debug
gnc.bin-Message: main: binreloc relocation support was disabled at
configure time.
Found Finance::Quote version 1.17
Error: could not flush file-descriptor 26
gwenhywfar-INFO: plugin.c:  584: Plugin type "ct" unregistered
gwenhywfar-INFO: plugin.c:  584: Plugin type "configmgr" unregistered
gwenhywfar-INFO: plugin.c:  584: Plugin type "dbio" unregistered

Here I am now.
I would be very grateful of any help

Gérard TESTA

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