Backing up Gnucash accounts

Berni Elbourn berni at
Tue Nov 17 05:29:00 EST 2009

BPG wrote:
> What I really mean is how do I backup gnucash so I can move my account data
> files over to another computer and work on everything there?
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'Do wot I do':

Make sure you have the same GNUcash version on both machines and use 
dropbox to synchronise and backup the files for you.


Then on each machine use gnucash file open to point at the place in the 
drop box for your account files. Something like:

my documents/dropbox/company-name

I have dropbox on my laptop so I can take my GnuCash accounts off-site too.

Have fun.


PS: I have nothing to do with dropbox it is free and available for Mac, 
Linux and another os.

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